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Criminal Defense

Greenville Criminal Defense Attorney Fights for You

Experienced lawyer knows North Carolina’s criminal system

If you are facing criminal charges in North Carolina, even for a seemingly minor offense like a traffic violation, you should get a lawyer’s advice before doing anything else. Too many people simply plead guilty or pay a ticket because they don’t understand their rights. At J.B. Dupree II P.A. in Greenville, I have decades of experience in North Carolina courts and handle everything from speeding to serious violent felonies. I am ready to hear your story and help you take the right steps to resolve your matter.

Looking for weaknesses in DUI/DWI and traffic offense cases

In North Carolina, you can be convicted of DWI/DUI if you are “appreciably impaired.” That means an officer’s testimony that you are too drunk to drive is sufficient without any blood alcohol test being administered. Of course, blood alcohol levels still matter: 0.08 is legally drunk for most drivers, and the limit is 0.04 for commercial drivers. You can also be charged with DWI/DUI for marijuana, prescription drugs or other controlled substances. As a DUI defense lawyer, I know how to look for weaknesses in these cases.

If you’ve been ticketed for anything, don’t make the mistake of paying the fine without talking to a lawyer first. Paying the fine is an admission of guilt, and it could lead to higher insurance costs, license points or revocation, or even jail time. I handle traffic cases that involve driving on a suspended or revoked license, reckless driving, speeding, driving without insurance, failure to stop or yield, hit-and-run, and much more.

Never take a drug charge lightly

It is a mistake to assume that a misdemeanor drug crime won’t have a big effect on your life. In North Carolina, possession of half an ounce of marijuana, for example, can carry fines of up to $1,000 and up to 45 days in jail. I can fight for you if you have been charged with any drug misdemeanor or drug-related felony, including drug trafficking, drug possession, possession with intent to sell and prescription drug charges. Cases I handle often involve marijuana, heroin, cocaine, oxycodone and synthetic drugs.

Powerful defense in felony cases

The most serious crimes require the most serious defenses. North Carolina prosecutors are determined to get convictions in cases that involve felonies such as murder, assault with a deadly weapon, rape, armed robbery and arson. I represent clients charged with anything from a Class I felony like making terroristic threats (three to 12 months in prison) to a Class A felony like homicide (life sentence or death penalty). I understand how our state’s prosecutors think, and how to counter the arguments and expose weaknesses in their cases.

Clearing your record through expungement

If you have a criminal arrest or conviction in your past, your record can make it hard to get a job or find a place to live, and it could limit your ability to own firearms. Depending on your circumstances, I may be able to help you wipe your record clean by using a process known as expunction. Your eligibility depends on the nature of the crime and whether you have a prior record. Records of juvenile proceedings can also be expunged or sealed. I can examine your situation to determine whether this is an option.

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